music. 20020404

      So many moments of my life are tied to songs. I've tried to capture a few of my own music experiences -- new finds, great concerts, mixes, etc. Feel free to read a few.

      Unfortunately, I can't share from my collection, but I'd love to share tastes with you on either or pandora. See you there!
songs about children. (20070716)

to creep my own rugrats out.

wicked awesome. (20070620)

wicked: the musical? i guess that counts as music.

aqualung. (20070313)

aqualung at hiro ballroom.

music 2006. (20070105)

best of 2006.

lost cause 2. (20061024)

totally depressing and loving it.

songs to live to. (20060327)

the indies have it.

the deli. (20050807)

great music, across the globe.

easier to lie. (20050629)

happy or sad? you tell me.

where's my mos? (20050310)

hangookbun, where you at?

yahoo music around the globe. (20050213)

i could have done this from the states!

even more music. (20041118)

travis, the streets, jack johnson.

more music. (20041116)

nick drake, elliot smith. modest mouse.

music you might like. (20041004)

not particularly for me.

let go. (20040823)

whatever else doesn't work.