hello world. again. 20170322

I was told that people don't really change much as adults. The definition of an adult is fuzzy, but as it was explained to me: it's in your twenties, sometime after college. After you're done making new mistakes. When you just like making the same old ones, over and over again.

As I read these old entries, I'm reminded of how many versions of me I've been through in the past two decades. Highs and lows. Self-centered. Sad. Joyous. Incomprehensible. Even more incomprehensible. Yet still sharper than I am now.

Whether or not I'm the same person, my circumstances are certainly different. Another pair of footsteps in the morning, a lawn besieged by raccoons, mortgages the size of California, two failed startups and oh that one thing.

In all the versions, it's hard to tell when the latest began. But I remember finding a turning point happened, but it was likely around here. So that's where I'm marking the start of this new blog, and that's where you start too.

Welcome back.