get the samples. 20160627

Get the samples. Deliver them to the oncologist. Get a second opinion. Weigh our options. Pick a surgeon. Schedule a date. Enlist help with our kids. Make arrangements for recovery.

But the hardest part was waiting. The optimistic part of my brain filled the hours with learning about cancer and the process: angiogenesis, NK cells, squamous cells, lymph node dissection, and how to be better if only we could be blessed with a second chance.

I considered worst case scenarios. Moving to LA to live with family. Raising my daughters as a single father. Living in a world without Elyse. Living, after.

Amid all the confusion, the best thing we did was to reach out, to family and friends, to colleagues, and to others who offered help. Through you, we found experience, we found support and strength, and we found how much Elyse and I are loved.

Today, we are in remission. We are lucky. We are nervous. We are looking forward, more confused, and with more clarity.